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one moment's crime by darIinqq one moment's crime :icondariinqq:darIinqq 554 54 Jellybots - Jump by nicholaskole Jellybots - Jump :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 2,202 55 The movable Houses and the giant flying Rhino by Namkoart The movable Houses and the giant flying Rhino :iconnamkoart:Namkoart 461 43
Why'd she take my place again?
Its been 2 years since I last saw you.
Until tonight, that is.
Tonight I saw you with your ex wife on the beach.
Living out our dreams like it was a fucking prize to win.
Funny how your life could be torn from you by someone with no say.
Funny how I had no say either.
The last time I saw you, you said you weren't going anywhere.
Until 2 weeks later, that is.
2 weeks later you were on a plane to Florida without a second thought.
Living out your reality while I was stuck in a nightmare.
Funny how promises don't mean a thing these days.
Funny how this ring on my finger doesn't either.
:iconkissingkate24:KissingKate24 2 6
You Destroyed Me
You destroyed me in the worst possible way.
I'll compare everyone to you for the rest of my life.
I'll never be able to forget you.
God, I wish I could forget you.
:iconkissingkate24:KissingKate24 1 0
You Woke Up With A Cold Heart
One morning I woke up and didn't feel the love anymore.
Like while we were sleeping, a thief stole your heart from my hands.
You didn't look at me the same, or kiss me like you used to.
Did you have a bad dream where I didn't miss you?
:iconkissingkate24:KissingKate24 1 0
This is me making it up to you
I guess I was just hoping that one day I'd get the chance to make it up to you.
But maybe the best way to make it up to you is by leaving you alone.
You were happy before I came back, you don't need me.
:iconkissingkate24:KissingKate24 3 2
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I'm almost done with part 3, sorry it's taking a long time. I'm just seeing where this story goes. If you would like to throw some ideas on how the story should play out, just tell me. I might even add your idea to the story!
Might add part 3 of "Wish Granted"! I'm really excited about this series! I plan on adding another story, so you could have 2 stories to read while you're waiting for either one to be updated. So yeah, other then that, you can expect other part to Wish Granted!
You would sooner see me die on my feet,

Then die on my knees!

Because, I wouldn't give the person satisfaction of seeing me on my knees.
I have an idea! For every 10-15+ Views I'll add a new part to "Wish granted". So if you would like updates mare often on it, share with your friends!(if you want to that is) See you guys till the next update!!!
I shoot up quickly, gasping for air, and looked around. I'm still in bed. I'm drenched in sweat and when I looked in the mirror, the one hanging on my door, I looked scared. I didn't like that look. It was probably a nightmare, but I don't remember what it was. I shrug, it was probably nothing. I shouldn't worry about it too much.
Hello, my name is Rin. I'm 14 years old. My parents own a small restaurant, and I always help out. If you want to know what I look like, well here you go! I'm average height, I have dark hair that reaches almost to my waist, I have dark brown eyes, and pale skin. I space out ....a lot sometimes, I'm always daydreaming, that's what everyone says.
I'm already at school and the classes are already boring. I gave up paying any attention to them after 5 minutes. They day dragged on, the teachers still droning on about their lessons.


I snap out of my daze and turn towards the person calling me. "Yes, what do you want?" I look up, to see a boy standing by my desk. He has sliver-ish to white hair colored hair, with light brown eyes that are staring at me, and with a tan like he's been out in the sun a lot.

"Hi, Rin, I'm here to recruit you for my club." He smiles at me.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" I ask him.

He looks surprised that I don't know who he is. It's not like I pay attention to everyone's name. I don't even know half of my classmates name.

"My name is Jack, maybe that'll ring a bell," he looks hopefully at me. Like I might remember who he is.

"I'm sorry," I said apologetically. "I still don't know who you are."

"How could you not remember my name!?" Jack said in shock. "I've been in you class for a few years!" He recovers from the shock and asks politely. "I want you to join my club."

"Why don't you want to go? It's a good place to learn self-defense." Jack continues talking.

While he's busy, talking about the importance to learn it. I stand up, grab my stuff and leave the classroom. I am already done the hall. When I hear him shout, "When did she leave!?"

I hear running feet coming towards me. I'm already down the stairs when I hear the running stop. I look up to find him at the top of the stairs.

"You must join my club! Your life depends on it." He looks at me with determination in his eyes.

All of a sudden, my history teacher Mr.Smith, comes running toward us, and he trips. But, before he face plants the ground he does a front flip and lands on his feet. "Rin! You must join the club!"

I frown a little. Why, all of a sudden does everyone want me to join a club? What's so unique about it? "I already said I don't want to join. Why do you keep insisting that I join?" I demanded.

"Because, your life depends on joining our club!" Shouted Jack and Mr.Smith in union.

"For example," said Mr.Smith. "I would've face planted the ground if I didn't join the club." He says matter of fact. Jack nods his agreement.

By the time he says that, I'm already gone. I'm walking home when they realized I left
"I found out who wields it," said a man hiding in the shadows. "It took me awhile, but I finally found her. I'll take the power that's inside of her when she leaves the school building." He smiles to himself when he hangs up. "That power shall be mine."
The flames always dance where ever they go. Setting things a flame where ever they choose to grow.

But, there is also beauty in those flames.

They bring us warmth to fill us up with life...

It brings forth the passion that burns in our hearts...

It brings us close in a huddle...

As the flames dance faster, it tells a story of wishes, dreams, and hopes.

Where there is only darkness on our path. That flickering light that guides you home,

Is the flames that guide you there...
It's better to die with your chin held high,

Than groveling like a cowering worm...!
I always see people walking by on the street. Children racing by, a flurry of color and laughter.

I watch quietly, as the children race by, I always wanted to play with them. Even if it was only a minute.

Day after day, time after time, they never paid much mind to me.

One day, a little girl, someone I've never seen before, walked towards me. I stared at her, watching curiously, as she came closer.

"Let's play!" Said the little girl.

"Okay!" I smiled up at her. She picked me up, from where I was sitting, and played with me, till the sky turned dark.

I was filled with something I never felt before. Happiness.

She took me home, carrying me in her arms, there we played everyday.

"I love you, my wonderful doll!" Said the little girl.

"Me too... now and forever." Came the reply of the doll with a smile and tears in its eyes.
I don't know what to do today. What do you think I should do? I will continue writing "wish granted" tomorrow. So, there will be an update to that.(if I finish on time)
There are those who seek me a lifetime, but never we meet,
And those I kiss, but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.

At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair, but I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.

By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet, but scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.

For though each of my strikes land a powerful blow, when I kill, I do it slow...

(What's the answer to the riddle? Leave your answer in the comments!)
Hello everyone!!!! Sorry that I haven't been active for awhile. My computer broke, so yeah. I might take a break from drawing for awhile, I don't think it's a permanent thing who knows? I'm going to be writing some stories so I hope you'll enjoy them! For now on I'm making posts from my phone.
"Come on, keep running!" Shouted the man, pulling me with him. "Don't let go of my hand." We continued running through the trees. Time to time, I can see shadows running through the trees, towards us.

"I can't keep running anymore! Why are those things chasing us?" My legs ache from running so long and hard. Everywhere I looked I see shadows closing in on us. The man ignored my question and continued running, half pulling me along. We ran into a clearing and we were surrounded instantly by the shadows. Who turned out to be people, chasing us.

The man pushed me behind him and held up a dagger. "Stay behind me no matter what, okay?" He looked around as the group of people came closer. "I'll protect you."

I merely nodded and hid behind his leg, filled with fear. What did I ever do to these people? I thought. As I looked from where I was hiding I only saw greed and longing in their eyes.

"Just give her to us," said one of the men dressed in black. "We just want what's inside of her and once we get it we'll leave you alone." He stared at me, full of hunger, wanting to take me away right now.

I cling onto the man's leg, the one I was hiding behind, I was shaking badly. Please, don't give me to them! I don't want to be with these people. I wanted to say, but I was immobilized with fear.

The man's body tenses, he probably felt me shaking. "I will never give you this girl!" He roared holding the dagger st the ready. "You'll have to come through me to get her!"

At that moment, the men and women surrounding us charged forward. My protector got ready for the coming wave, but all of a sudden, I was felt with something as they charged forward. No! No! No! Don't come near me, stay away! I get a wave of power running through me, then a dam full pouring over me. I couldn't take it anymore, and then I blacked out. When I woke up there was blood and bodies all around me. I stared in horror at the sight of it. The man leaning over me looked relived that I woke up and also worried. As far as I could tell he wasn't hurt in anyway.

"What happened?" I ask him trying to hide the fear out of my voice.

He looked around at the sight of all the bodies and set his eyes on me. "That power inside of you...did this." From the way he was looking, he was trying to pick his words carefully. "You didn't mean to do this..."

I stared at him in disbelief. "Did I do all of this?"


I started to cry. Not small tears, huge tears. I was crying so hard my whole body was shaking. How could have I done that? I don't remember ever doing it. I was wailing.

The man leaned over and hugged me. "It's okay...let it all out."

How is this okay!? I just killed all these people!

"I need you to forget everything that just happened, okay?"

"Okay." I wasn't going to argue with him. Who would want to remember this?

check this out!
I don't own anything shown here!

and make sure to check out there youtube channel!
eating candy and getting ready for bed!

I am also sick, so I might not be able to draw or upload anything new. enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!lameSans_icon When the virus corrupts the game just right icon Mimikyu Saudade running icon :bademoticon: 
You would sooner see me die on my feet,

Then die on my knees!

Because, I wouldn't give the person satisfaction of seeing me on my knees.


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